Earn Money While Typing

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You have been wondering how to make money from home when you have a disability or when your work isn’t in a certain field? You can even do this while being in school.

Earn Money While Typing

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1. Online Writing Jobs for Bloggers, Writers, Copywriters, Journalists etc.

If you are looking to earn some extra income from your writing, then these are the best options.

The Amazon Content Creator Program is a free service that allows authors to generate digital content for their Kindle books. The company will commission writers to produce blog posts, articles, etc. They can pay up to $10 for each blog post written.

The Blog Writer Program is another opportunity for writers who are looking for regular work. You can publish articles on their website and also earn commission on any products that you promote in your articles.

2. Data Entry Jobs

Typing jobs are the most common of all online jobs. They offer an excellent source of income for individuals who want to work from home.

Typing jobs are traditionally used by workers in low-paid, repetitive, manual occupations. They are also used in higher-paid professional occupations, such as law firms or banks.

You can find all kinds of typing jobs on this website. These range from transcription to data entry to writing and even editing.

The salary for a typist can vary depending on the skill level and type of job they’re doing, but it usually ranges between $3-$6 per hour for beginners with no previous experience or certification up to $25+ per hour for experienced professionals with certifications in specialized fields like legal transcription or medical transcription.

3. Transcription & Voiceover Jobs

Transcribing and voiceover work is not an easy task. It requires patience, attention to detail, and accuracy. There are many transcription jobs online but the job descriptions are usually vague about what is required for the work.

There are many platforms that offer transcription jobs online but they usually have vague job descriptions. Transcriptionists have to have a lot of patience and accuracy in their work as well as attention to detail from time to time.

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