5 apps to earn money on mobile in India

Are you looking for a good way to make some extra income? Who does not want to make some extra cash right? Today we will look at some real money earning apps in India where you can make some quick cash with a little bit of effort.

Small and simple ways to make extra money are something everyone wants to do. Luckily there are lots of ways to do this, but it can be difficult trying to find the right ones that are not a scam that you waste your time on. On our list are specifically online money earning app without investment, so you do not need to put any money in up front.

If you are a person looking to bring in some money as you wait in line for your morning coffee or find some productive ways to fill your time, here are some money-earning apps in India for students and others looking for a little extra income.


Everyone has some extra stuff that they do not use anymore, so why not resell it! Meesho is one of the most trusted and valued apps for reselling personal items to people in your area. This app has an easy-to-use interface to put up your items for sale to get you connected with buyers.

The app uses connections with social platforms like Whatsapp and Facebook Marketplace to help you promote your item and get it sold quickly. This way you will not just be waiting for someone to happen upon your item, and instead, be able to promote it to those who may be interested.

This app also comes with some payment options, where you can choose to be paid through an online payment method with cash in person once you deliver the item. Meesho is a great app for people looking to resell their old items or find some used ones in your local area. It is one of the top-rated real money earning apps in India and a great option for those looking to make some extra cash.

Google Opinion Rewards

Who does not want to get paid for giving their opinions? The Google Opinion Rewards program is a great way to get some extra cash while providing your perspective on a whole range of topics and products. Businesses deeply value customer feedback and are always on the lookout to gain some customer insight, and this method is a great way to do so.

The way this system works is simple. The app provides you with surveys you can take, and through a rewards-based system, you get paid by completing them. There are many sites that work similarly, but with Google Opinion Rewards you know it is not a scam and you will be compensated.

Google also pays you in different ways. You can choose to have the credits applied to you through a Google Play account or through PayPal. So whether you are wanting some extra money to pay for more apps and some music, or just want the cash to be put directly into your account, you are being paid through a secure system.

This is a great option if you want to make some money while you are waiting in line for some food, commuting, or even when you have some casual downtime.

Roz Dhan

If you get a bit bored by just doing surveys all the time, Roz Dhan is an interesting app that gives you more to do in order to earn extra money. On this app, you can earn credits through completing surveys, reading some news articles, or even playing games!

As another one of the best-earning apps in India, you can actually make some extra cash just by using the same entertainment you like every day. By playing or reading through this app, you get the money you have been missing out on.

After you play the available games or read the provided articles, the money is sent to your PayTM wallet where you can withdraw it later. It is another safe option to make a bit of money while doing more than just filling out product surveys. The extra entertainment in this app is what sets it apart from the other options on this list for money-earning apps in India for students.

User Feel

Do you like trying out websites and testing interfaces? This may be the perfect app for you! User Feel connects websites with people who are willing to be a test subjects to figure out the good and bad parts of a site. While it is kind of like filling out surveys, you get to be more interactive and try out some new things.

This is one of the more robust options on this list, with lots of bigger sites looking for user feedback on the experience while using the site. You can use all kinds of devices with this program, including your computer, phone, or even an Apple Watch.

Since it is available on multiple devices, you can use it anywhere at any time. Although you do have to be approved to join the program, it is a great option for making extra money at home or on the go.


People around the world are always looking to learn new skills with online tutors, and if you have a desirable skill you can make some extra money teaching others through Wonk. This app allows you to take your skills and share them with others through online tutoring.

Here you do not just have to have a high-level skill, you can just teach your hobbies or interests! You can set how much you would like to be paid and only take on as many students as you are comfortable with. It allows for some great flexibility as well as a higher payout.

This is definitely an option for people with a little more free time, but can still be a great way to earn extra money by teaching others about things you love!

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